Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RPD Steps up Holiday Patrols on Foot, Bike and Segway

For some, it’s planes, trains and automobiles. For Richmond Police, the focus is bike, Segway and foot patrols this holiday season.

The Department has begun implementing a holiday initiative designed to have more officers out patrolling in ways that allow them to interact more with citizens in and around commercial corridors.

“The holiday season gives us a great opportunity to interact with shoppers and for us to share holiday safety tips, especially at a time when criminals are more apt to find target-rich environments,” Major Peggy Horn said.

The initiative started Nov. 21 and will continue through Dec. 20. Each precinct has identified commercial corridors that will benefit from either a walking, biking or Segway patrol and the Department has assigned officers to monitor those areas.

Richmond Police would also like to offer the following safety tips to help keep citizens safe this holiday season:

Record serial numbers and take digital photos of all electronics;
Keep credit card information so if there is loss or theft, they can be cancelled quickly;
Notify police that you will be away so we can keep an eye on your home or business: http://www.richmondgov.com/police/VacationWatch.aspx;
Do not post travel plans on social Web sites;
Do not overburden yourself with packages;
Always be alert and aware of your surroundings;
Avoid suspicious situations or people and notify the police;
Walk briskly and with confidence;
If using an ATM at night, find a highly visible well-lit ATM; and
Do not carry or display large amounts of cash.

Contact: Gene Lepley
Richmond Police Department
Phone 804-646-0607
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