Friday, February 5, 2010

Photos from Promotions & 4th Quarter Awards!

Chief Bryan T. Norwood awarded Second Precinct Officer Daniel Awad the Rookie of the Year. It was a busy first year for Officer Awad who was fired upon by a fleeing suspect; apprehended an armed suspect who left the scene of a robbery; and even helped save the life of a shooting victim.

Fourth Precinct, led by Commander Jimmy Horn, also had the overall largest crime reduction in 2009. Great work! Congratulations to Sector Lt. Brian Corrigan and all the officers of Sector 412, which was named Sector of the Year for having the largest crime reduction of 2009.

Executive Director Evelyn McGill awarded Dominic Tabb as the 2009 Communications Officer of the Year. In 2009, Tabb distinguished himself as a communications officer by responding to 3,820 phone calls—totaling 520 hours—in the 911 Center, with an average ring time rate of 0.04 percent; 352 hours dispatching calls on the police radio; 200 hours dispatching calls on the fire radio, with 104 hours in Teletype; and 32 hours dispatching calls on the Department of Public Works radio.

Assistant Chief David McCoy congratulates one of the Department's most vital units, Crime Analysis, who received a Unit Citation for all of their hard work in 2009. These professionals don't just capture crime information after it occurs, they are instrumental in providing the timely and pertinent crime pattern, trend and series info that the Department depends on. They then use this data to assist operational and administrative personnel in planning resource deployment in the prevention and suppression of crime.

Good work Supervisor Renee Tate, Delores Anderson, Bonita Archer, Truc Do, Torie Mount and Sherie Newton!

Area 1 Major Peggy Horn congratulates First Precinct Officers Daniel Burgess and John Grazioso who received the Life Saving Bar for saving a man's life when he tried to jump from a city bridge. They also contacted the Richmond
Behavioral Health Authority to ensure he would receive necessary assistance.

Kudos to the members of First Precinct who reduced major crime by 29 percent during the 4th Quarter of 2009. That's an excellent accomplishment and makes them deserving of this Precinct Crime Reduction Award. Even more so, congratulations Sector 111 and Sector Lt. James Laino for reducing major crime by 14 percent last quarter. Great work!

Chief Bryan T. Norwood presented a Chief's Citation each to Planning and Accreditation Operations Manager Brian Cummings and Accreditation and Policy Unit project management analyst Daryl Jones. The pair worked tirelessly to ensure the Department's accredited status.

There was standing room only at Thursday's promotions and quarterly awards ceremony.

The wife of new Lt. Daniel Minton pins on her husband's new badge.

The wife of new Lt. John Beazley helps pin on her husband's new badge.
Lt. John Beazley, his wife and Chief Bryan T. Norwood laugh at a joke made about Beazley by Assistant Chief David McCoy.

Chief Bryan T. Norwood promotes and congratulates new Capt. Sybil El-Amin while her husband, Richmond Police Detective Amos Jones, stands with her.

Richmond Police Recruit Farrhard El-Amin holds his son Aden while they watch his sister's promotion.

From left to right, congratulations to new Lt. Daniel Minton, who moves from Forensics to Community Youth and Intervention Services; new Capt. Sybil El-Amin, who moves from the Training Academy to Community Youth and Intervention Services; and new Lt. John Beazley, who moves from Property and Evidence to Sector 112.