Monday, June 14, 2010

RPD, RBHA Teach Crisis Intervention Training

Police officers are trained to know the law, how to enforce it and how to protect citizens and themselves.

But what do law enforcement authorities do when they encounter a suicidal individual threatening to jump off a bridge? Or even someone just acting unusually in their home? What do officers do?

That’s where Crisis Intervention Training comes in.

“During most of these types of incidents, a police officer will be the first person on scene. If they can de-escalate the situation without anyone getting hurt, it’s the best outcome for everyone,” said CIT Instructor and Community Care Sgt. Shane Waite.

Instructors from Richmond Police, the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority and other Virginia law enforcement agencies across the state will teach their colleagues during the week-long course, which includes information about:
· what mental illness is and how to better help individuals in crisis;
· role playing exercises later in the week; and
· information about legal issues and available resources.

The course starts today at the Richmond Police Training Academy, 1202 W. Graham Road.