Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Employees To Receive Chief’s Citation at Ceremony

McGruff the Crime Dog-- He’s one of the most recognizable faces to citizens everywhere.

Yet his real face is that of Cynthia Kerns, a Richmond Police property and evidence technician who volunteers on weekends, evenings and even in 100-degree heat to wear the suit that brings joy to many.

Tomorrow, she will receive one of the Department’s highest honors—the Chief’s Citation—for her efforts.

Officer Ron May will also receive this honor for his decade of work encouraging city children through music. Chief Bryan T. Norwood will also bestow the prestigious Police Medal to five officers who risked their lives to capture a homicide suspect.

These awards and more for citizens and officers will be presented during the Department’s Quarterly Awards Ceremony at 1 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, July 20, at the Richmond Police Training Academy, 1201 W. Graham Road.

“We like to take this opportunity to thank our officers and our citizens for all they do,” Chief Norwood said. “We want our officers and citizens to know that we appreciate all the hard work that makes this city and this community safer for all of us.”