Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Arrested Following VCU Basketball Game

Six individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct Saturday night by Richmond Police officers following the VCU basketball game. They are:

1. James Maitland IV, 19, 2600 block of Trimmer Drive, Richmond, VA
2. Lauren Richeson, 24, 100 block of W. Clay St., Richmond, VA
3. Joel Torreyson, 21, 5200 block of Clinton Rd. Alexandria, VA
4. Thomas Paxman, 21, 6700 block of Anders Ter., Springfield, VA
5. Andrew Kotsch, 22, 1200 block of S. Meadow St. Richmond, VA
6. Dylan Dawson, 19, 300 block of W. Broad St. Richmond, VA

Assisting the Richmond Police Department that night were the Virginia State Police, the VCU Police Department, the Capitol Police Department, the Richmond Sheriff’s Office, the Richmond Fire Department, the Richmond Ambulance Authority, the Richmond Office of Emergency Management and other city departments.

“Together we created and executed a crowd-control plan that resulted in minor property damage and a few minor injuries,” said Richmond Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood.

“Considering the nature of the celebration, I commend all the officers and others involved that night for their restraint and their professionalism. I would also like to compliment the vast majority of VCU basketball fans who celebrated responsibly after each game during the team’s remarkable run to the Final Four.”

No mugshots were taken of the six people arrested. The Richmond Police Department does not identify whether those arrested were VCU students per Department policy.