Monday, March 18, 2013

Statement on Arrests Made at Shamrock the Block

The Richmond Police Department is in the early stages of reviewing the use of force incident that occurred during an arrest Saturday afternoon at the Shamrock the Block event.

The Department is aware of the YouTube video and it will be part of the investigation, as it would in any other situation where a complaint is made.

Richmond Police officers go through six months of very detailed training when it comes to dealing with and arresting individuals in a variety of different situations.

“Though I cannot comment on the specifics of this incident, the public should rest assured that our officers are well-trained and that all use of force incidents are reviewed by Department supervisors to ensure the officers acted appropriately,” Operations Area 1 Major Scott Booth said.

There were five misdemeanor arrests made during the entire Shamrock the Block event. Four of those were made in connection with the incident captured on video. Three of those were for public drunkenness and one was for obstruction of justice. The fifth charge was for disorderly conduct.