Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Improvement Door to Door Sales Tactic Alert

The Richmond Police Department would like to caution city residents that it’s that time of year again when individuals sometimes go door to door offering unsolicited home- and yard-work repairs.

Though this isn't illegal, officers would encourage homeowners to check out individuals or businesses before giving them any money. Homeowners can often pay more than they need to or pay for work they don’t need at all as a result of these high-pressure solicitation tactics.

Residents in the Stonewall Court and Westhampton neighborhoods have reported at least one incident of individuals offering roof repairs when none were needed.

Individuals offering such work may be very clever in their presentation, knowing just what to say without breaking the law.

The Department urges citizens not to give anyone any money without verifying that the individuals are a valid business with proper licenses. Anyone with any questions about a business’s credentials should contact the Better Business Bureau.