Friday, May 9, 2014

Scam Warning

The Richmond Police Department would like to warn the public of a telephone-based scam in which callers inform residents they have outstanding arrest warrants in Richmond - then solicit credit card information to make the warrant “go away.” The caller-ID displays the Department’s non-emergency number: (804) 646-5100.

The Department was made aware of the scam recently when several people, suspicious of the offer, called the non-emergency number to check it out. Calls have been received by people living in several localities in Virginia – Richmond, Arlington, Haymarket and McLean.

While officers with the Warrants & Information Services Unit do make telephone calls to inform people of outstanding warrants, they would NEVER solicit credit card information. In addition, calls placed by the Unit do not show up as (804) 646-5100 on a caller-ID.

Anyone who has received such a call is asked to contact Lieutenant Cynthia Riley at (804) 646-6740.