Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Richmond Police Graduates 113th Basic Recruit Class

January 25, 2017
WHAT:                       Richmond Police 113th Basic Recruit Class Graduation

WHEN:                      10 a.m. Thursday, January 26, 2017

WHERE:                    Cheek Theater, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard

BACKGROUND:     Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney, RPD Chief Alfred Durham and the Richmond Police Department are proud to welcome 16 new officers to the force and invite the public to their graduation and swearing-in ceremony tomorrow.

The class includes recruits from Richmond, Virginia and several other states such as New York, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida.

An extra week was added to the traditional 30 week training schedule to accommodate an expanded curriculum that includes community engagement experiences in public housing communities, city schools and homeless shelters. The recruits will also graduate as certified bicycle officers.

As newly sworn officers, the seven females and nine males will begin eight weeks of field training this Saturday; each paired with an experienced officer.

The entire Richmond Police Department would like to congratulate and welcome:

·        Ellan Armstead
·        Austin Blaylock
·        Jonathan Bloom
·        Kara Blosser
·        Marcus Boileau
·        Kaan Erermis
·        Ashley Graves
·        Kathryn Leone
·        Jennifer Ramey
·        David Shelberg
·        Thomas Simon
·        Olivia Sovine
·        Jessica Spence
·        Brandy Thornton
·        Caleb Wells
·        Samuel Yoon