Monday, October 20, 2014

Richmond Joins 'Nextdoor' for Online Outreach to Residents

Richmond Joins 'Nextdoor' for Online Outreach to Residents

WHO:                         Mayor Dwight C. Jones
                                    Chief Ray J. Tarasovic
                                    Nextdoor representative
WHAT:                        Richmond Joins ‘Nextdoor’ – Online Outreach to Residents 
WHEN:                        10 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 21
WHERE:                       Richmond Police Department Headquarters
BACKGROUND:           The city of Richmond will announce a partnership with Nextdoor (, the private social network for neighborhoods, to improve citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications. The city’s use of the service will be launched with the Richmond Police Department.

This powerful tool is just another way the city will provide outreach to residents,” Mayor Dwight C. Jones said. “With the use of Nextdoor, we can send targeted safety messages and general updates to specific neighborhoods in an efficient, focused way.”

Nextdoor is free for residents and the city. Each neighborhood has its own private Nextdoor neighborhood website, accessible only to residents of that neighborhood.

Our sector lieutenants and other Department representatives will be able to communicate focused, hyper-local info directly to the neighborhoods or sections of the city they wish to target,” Chief Ray J. Tarasovic said. “Now we can share safety updates, neighborhood meeting reminders and even dates and times of our neighborhood walkthroughs right to your inbox.”

Those interested in joining their neighborhood’s Nextdoor website can visit and enter their home address.

There will be a demonstration of how the service works at the event. Members of the media are encouraged to attend.